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Foo Fighters Reveal Their Disco Alter Egos, The Dee Gees For Record Store Day

Foo Fighters are pulling down the veil on their disco alter egos. Today they’re revealing The Dee Gees — their disco band that’ll be putting out its debut album next month.

Record Store Day brings out the best in the music industry every year and this year is no different.

Foo Fighters will be sharing a disco-inspired album under the new moniker. It’ll be called HAIL SATIN and will drop on Record Store Day — Saturday, 17th July.

“Introducing… the Dee Gees!!!” they tweeted announcing the news. “HAIL SATIN – coming to a local record store & dance party near you July 17th!!!”

The tweet also shares a snazzy snippet of the Dee Gees. It’s full of that groovy disco bassline.

HAIL SATIN is a 10-track release. It’ll feature four Bee Gees covers and an Andy Gibb cover.

Foo Fighters shared their cover of The Bee Gees ‘You Should Be Dancing’ back in February for BBC Sounds.

Catch the tracklisting for the new Dee Gees album down below.

In other Record Store Day news, a limited edition 20th Anniversary vinyl of the Shrek score will be up for grabs.

The Dee Gees ‘HAIL SATIN’ Tracklisting

Due for release Saturday, 17th July

01 You Should Be Dancing

02 Night Fever

03 Tragedy

04 Shadow Dancing

05 More Than A Woman

06 Making A Fire

07 Shame Shame

08 Waiting On A War

09 No Son Of Mine

10 Cloudspotter

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