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This Footage Of A Splendour Punter Walking On His Broken Ankle Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

Most people will let nothing get in the way of their Splendour In The Grass weekend and that was exactly one punter’s attitude as he attempted to carry on with a broken ankle.

Video has emerged of a Splendour punter with a broken ankle in the campground, attempting to get up and walk and actually doing a very good job considering his circumstance.

If there’s a spectrum of how bad a broken ankle can be this guy’s one is probably as bad as it gets. His foot is literally turned around and yet somehow he manages to defy the odds and walk, much to the disbelief of surrounding campers.

Most people follow behind him as he steadily walks filming the whole situation with one eventually popping it on Facebook for the world to see.

You can watch the video below but if you get queazy about this sort of stuff, it’s probably best you avoid because it’s quite graphic.

It’s unknown whether the punter made it into the festival but it’s very unlikely that he would’ve faired well on that steep walk up to the amphitheatre.

Warning: This footage might gross you out.

Photos: Splendour In The Grass 2016 – The Best Of You / Photographed by Maria Boyadgis

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