For Today’s Van, Trailer And Gear Stolen From Show

Well, it would appear someone is looking down on For Today and is none too pleased with them. Just this morning, the band took to Facebook to announce the latest of shit things to happen to them – their van, trailer and a couple hundred thousand dollars” worth of gear has been stolen prior to a performance in Houston.

Not much detail is known at this point, other than the band’s statements that “some nerd” is responsible for nicking the load straight from For Today’s hotel parking lot. It didn’t seem to dampen their spirits too much as they swiftly hired some new wheels and will be arriving to the show in rental vehicles. No news yet on what they will be doing to replace the gear but where there is a will there is a way.

The band has been in the news a disproportionate amount lately, with the outrageous homophobic statements made by the band’s now ex-guitarist making headlines for all the wrong reasons. This latest clusterfuck comes too close to those events for it not be some sort of divine intervention…or perhaps some junkie saw an easy meal ticket. Either way, it appears the tour will be continuing.

For Today have also announced plans to follow up 2012’s Immortal with a new CD/DVD release set for this year.

Here is the full statement:

“Some nerd stole our van and trailer (and a couple hundred-thousand dollars of equipment) from our hotel parking lot last night. So now we’re rolling to Houston in rental cars. They can steal our stuff, but they can’t touch our joy! Jesus Reigns! (Unshakeable). Get pumped.”

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