Frank Ocean Is Streaming New Music Right Now & It Might Be ‘Boys Don’t Cry’

UPDATE 19/06/16: Frank Ocean has released a visual album called Endless.

ORIGINAL STORY: Frank Ocean has returned to his ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ live stream and new music (including vocals) is being heard on the stream for the very first time.

While it isn’t yet confirmed that the stream is pumping out Ocean’s long-awaited new album Boys Don’t Cry, the internet is speculating that that’s exactly what it’s doing. Frank is still building what looks like a staircase, and we seem to be getting closer to seeing the final product.

Ocean started live streaming on his website at the beginning of August. Boys Don’t Cry was expected to drop on 5th August, but the day came and went and the album never came.

Earlier today, A$AP Rocky uploaded a Snapchat video (below) of Frank Ocean car racing his Odd Future buddy Tyler, The Creator in Los Angeles. It prompted the internet to ask why Frank’s out racing when he’s got an album to drop, but if the music playing on the live stream is anything to go by, Frank’s earned his recreational time.

When Boys Don’t Cry is eventually released, it will be the follow-up to Ocean’s 2012 debut album channel ORANGE. A publication titled Boys Don’t Cry is also expected to be available in Apple stores.

Head to Frank Ocean’s website to watch his live stream, or to Apple Music.

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