Some Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Magazine Looks To Have Leaked Online

UPDATE 19/06/16: Frank Ocean has released a visual album called Endless.

UPDATE 19/08/16: Frank Ocean is playing new music on the live stream.

ORIGINAL STORY: Nobody has any idea when Frank Ocean is going to drop his long-awaited third album Boys Don’t Cry after its suspected release date of last Friday came and went but it looks like its accompanying magazine may have leaked.

Ocean was due to drop a magazine alongside his album which he specified as early as last year when he originally revealed the title Boys Don’t Cry.

The magazine was rumoured to be scheduled for release alongside the album on Apple Music on Friday following a cryptic live stream last week but neither the album or the magazine ever surfaced.

It seems someone has got a hold of some of it though, posting on Tumblr what looks like a legit screenshot of a few pages of the online mag.

It features pictures and moving gifs as well as a yet to be seen snippet of an interview with rapper Lil B which was expected to appear in the mag.

Who knows what this leak means for the album release though. Fans are now speculating that the album will now be released on 13th November, the only date that hasn’t passed that was on his mysterious library slip posted to his Tumblr.

Check out the leak below.

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