Fred Durst Is Helping You Find Love With His eHarmony Commercial

Though he was once the foul-mouthed, red-baseball-cap-wearing bad boy of the early-2000s nu-metal movement who did it all for the nookie, Fred Durst is now making a run at being something of a 21st Century Nora Ephron. He’s directed a rather cutesy new ad for the dating site eHarmony.

In the ad, eHarmony founder Dr Neil Clark Warren chats to his granddaughter and her pal Chase about a girl that Chase recently met who’s quite a catch (she’s not afraid of spiders). Durst admirably flexes his directorial muscle by establishing a light-hearted tone and ending on a cute punchline.

We were equally impressed last month after Durst unveiled his mini-mockumentary, The Truth, which Durst not only directed but starred in himself. The film was a skilled satire that poked fun at Southern preachers and cults, while taking time to explore some of the hypocrisies of church life.

Watch: Fred Durst’s eHarmony Ad

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Photos by Ashley Mar

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