Fred Durst Has Written A Movie About His Life & John Travolta Is Starring In It

When Fred Durst jets down under to perform with Limp Bizkit at the first ever instalment of Download Festival Australia later this month, he’ll be doing so from the set of his new movie.

That’s right, the ‘Rollin’ tunesmith has written a movie, and it must be pretty decent too because John Travolta has signed on to star in it and John Travolta doesn’t do sh*t movies.

Durst’s flick is a thriller called Moose (here it is on IMDb) and it’s based on a traumatic event from his own life that saw him stalked by a crazed fan.

As Variety reports, the nu-metal legend co-wrote the film’s screenplay with Dave Bekerman and he’s also directing the whole thing himself.

Travolta is playing the title character “Moose”, described as “a rabid movie fan obsessed with his favourite celebrity action hero”.

The ‘hero’ is being played by 90’s heartthrob Devon Sawa (whom you may know best as ‘Stan’ from Eminem’s iconic ‘Stan’ music vid — bit of a role reversal there!)

“As Moose’s obsession grows stronger, his fixation turns from stalking to ambition of destroying the star’s life,” the film rag explains re: the film’s plot.

TIL: this isn’t Durst’s directorial debut either — he’s got two other feature films under his belt, 2007’s The Education of Charlie Banks (starring Jesse Eisenberg) and 2008’s The Longshots, starring Ice Cube.

He also directed the music video for that Staind song, ‘It’s Been Awhile’ & Korn’s ‘Falling Away From Me’.

Before his new flick hits screens, you can catch Durst performing live with Limp Bizkit at Download Australia and it’s associated sideshows later this month!

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