Free Song: Killed Two Birds New EP ‘Trading Places’ Download First Track ‘Straight Back Through’

Plummeting out of the blue on swift wings comes the psyfolkrock raptor Killed Two Birds, with their second EP ‘Trading Places’.

On October 16th they will launch ‘Trading Places’ At Sosueme – Q Bar, before they’re off on their east coast tour playing venues all the way up to Brisbane and back down to Melbourne. They’ll also be playing at Peats Ridge and High & Dry Festivals.

We have the first track off their new EP for download. Check it out and let us know what you think!


Killed Two Birds – Straight Back Through


Tour Dates

October 16th

Q Bar – Spectrum, Sydney

October 22nd

The Armidale Club, Armidale

October 23rd

The Globe, Brisbane

October 24th

Mullimbimby Civic Hall, NSW

October 25th

Neverland bar, Coolengatta

November 5th

The Abercrombie Hotel Sydney, New South Wales

November 18th

Romanoes, Wagga Wagga

November 19th

The Tote, Melbourne

November 28th

High & Dry Festival, Wisemans Ferry

December 12th

Cabin Fever (The Abercrombie Hotel), Sydney

December 29th – January 1st

Peats Ridge Festival, Glenworth Valley

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