Saturday 12th December – Last Live Bands At The Abercrombie… Ever!

With the Abercrombie Hotel set to close it’s doors on January 22nd, we felt it was time for one last hurrah to live music in the courtyard, one last salute to cheap beer in plastic cups, and one last toast for scummy waterlogged couches. That’s right it’s the last band night at The Abercrombie…. EVER!

Leading this sonic charge is Sydney’s favourite psy-folk sons, Killed 2 Birds. Fresh back from touring down to Melbourne with The Black Ryder, K2B are ready to sink their teeth back into a Sydney audience and pick away what flesh is left.

Joining them are those perennial purveyors of upbeat indie rock Rockets Explode, haggard backwater bluesmen Billygoat & The Mongrels, synth laden math-rockers Foveaux and alt-rock genre hoppers The Sooks, along with DJs Ed and Beans spinning sweet tunes till the rosy coloured dawn.

With entry only $10 and free burgers with entry, you’d have to be mad to miss it, or just callous and with no appreciation of Sydney’s live music history… or you’re busy, whatever….

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