Fyre Fest Organiser Billy McFarland Has Recorded A Tell-All Podcast From Prison

Fyre Fest co-organiser and and convicted fraudster Billy McFarland is currently about a third of the way into his six-year prison sentence over the ill-fated island festival. In a fairly transparent attempt to stay relevant he’s announced a new tell-all podcast called Dumpster Fyre.

The first episode is apparently due out sometime today – though, in signature fashion, has yet to materialise. Speaking to British tabloid The Daily MailMcFarland says he created the podcast from prison, using his one phone call a day to record for 15 minutes. Those conversations have been to Jordan Harbinger of the Jordan Harbinger Show.

A trailer emerged from McFarland’s Instagram account last week consisting of stock prison footage.

“This is inmate number 91186054, otherwise known as Billy McFarland, the founder of Fyre festival,” McFarland says. “I’m currently serving my 29th month in federal prison, in FCI Elkton, in Ohio. This is my story.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, McFarland commented that he wanted to “start from the beginning and go through every step and just kind-of keep it raw and centred and not have an agenda for what’s being told.”

In a clip of the podcast obtained by the Mail, McFarland claims that he’s “not going to hide behind my mistakes, I’m going to share everything that happened.”

It’s reported that any profits made from the podcast series will go towards paying the $26 million in restitution the fraudster owes to his victims.

The Fyre Fest clusterfuck has already been covered in detail a few times, such as in two 2019 documentaries, Hulu’s Fyre Fraud and Netflix’s Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

Co-organiser Ja Rule hasn’t experienced quite the level of consequences that McFarland has, with the rapper repeatedly claiming that he was also defrauded.

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