That Fyre Festival Cheese Sandwich Tweet Is Being Auctioned Off As NFT

The man behind that viral Fyre Festival tweet — the one with the sad cheese sandwich — is auctioning off the tweet as an NFT.

Trevor DeHaas, author of the tweet, announced he’d be sending the tweet to auction.

“I’m selling my viral cheese sandwich picture from [Fyre Festival] as an NFT,” he wrote, again via Twitter.

“Proceeds will be used for medical expenses from my daily dialysis and kidney transplant when it happens.”

DeHaas explains that the sale of the tweet is more than an NFT.

“The sale also includes the transfer of copyright and ownership rights to the auction winner,” he said.

“The copyright and tweet IP has potential to be monetized:

Copyright Infringement-Netflix, MSNBC, and many others.

Licensing Deals


DeHass has teamed up with Ja Rule’s NFT company Flipkick to sell the tweet.

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