Garbage Deliberately Avoided Major Labels For New Album

Garbage drummer Butch Vig said they wanted to release their upcoming album Not Your Kind of People independently as they didn’t like the experience of being on major record labels.

Vig told NME that it “didn’t make sense” for the band to be on a major label for their first album in seven years.

“We started out on independent labels both in the UK and in the US and then they ended up getting bought up by bigger corporate labels,” he said.

“In the end, no one from those labels seems to care or know who you are as a band and we just didn’t like that experience.”

“We wanted to embrace exactly who we are as a band and just make a Garbage record; we like to do what we like to do and we’ll do that and not give a shit about what anyone else thinks.”

Not Your Kind of People is out on their own label – Stunvolume – on May 14.

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