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Georgia Maq Releases New Solo Single ‘Joe Rogan’

Camp Cope’s Georgia Maq has released the new single ‘Joe Rogan’. The song has been popular among fans for several months, after Maq premiered during it a lockdown livestream.

Maq describes the single as a reflection on her “historically bad taste” in men and an examination of boundaries and standards in the dating world.

It’s an upbeat synth pop song, but Maq’s lyrics aren’t without their sharper edges. ‘Joe Rogan’ begins with a friend of the artist commenting on Maq’s taste in men. “If regular men are rubbish then Georgia squeezes the juice out of the rubbish and then dates that,” they say.

The earwormy chorus ends with the line, “There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who thinks consent is lame.” The second verse includes the line, “As soon as I’m talking about my opinions, he tells me it turns him off.”

The artwork, meanwhile, features a multi-paragraph text message from a disgruntled man, who claims “Not all women want vegan stick figures with no testosterone” and that this is “the most divided time in history, because of wokeness.”

Maq wrote and recorded the song alone at home during Melbourne’s recent lockdown. She says it’s “a song about leaving a bad date because you realised you don’t have to sit around while some guy defends Joe Rogan and smokes a Gatorade bong. It’s about a very… unique experience that isn’t actually that unique – I think it’s relatable.”

‘Joe Rogan’ arrives ahead of Maq’s upcoming show at the Melbourne Museum. Part of Melbourne Music Week, the show takes place on Thursday, 27th January. Go Sky are supporting. Tickets here.

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