The Ghost Inside Guitarist Facing Potential Eleventh Surgery Since Fatal Bus Crash

Things just don’t seem to be getting any simpler for The Ghost Inside since their tour bus was involved in a fatal crash earlier in the year. Despite progressing at super human speed, the band has faced another set back with guitarist Zach Johnson now facing further surgery.

Johnson initially lost several toes in the crash and was schedule for an appointment to check up on damage sustained to his pelvis/hip where they discovered a problem. X-rays revealed that Johnson’s femur wasn’t fully healed, potentially due to “infection, or just bad luck.”

Johnson is now waiting while doctors’ conduct “an array of tests” which he believes “Will more than likely end up in surgery again.”

Despite staring down the barrel of another operation and further healing time, Johnson continues on with his fellow band members who have been handling this situation better than most of us handle stubbing our toe.

Johnson concludes his update by thanking his friends, family and fans for the support. Despite the crushing reality of the situation, members losing digits and limbs, the band continue to take the high road refusing to be victims.

There’s plenty you can do to help – buying merch is a good start. Other bands have started donating their profits to The Ghost Inside and also a GoFundMe is up and running which is at a decent $160,000, but we can do better.

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