Ghoul announce mini album Dunks, leak song

Photo by Mclean Stephenson

Sydney’s favourite sons of experimental-electronic-(insert genre)-pop Ghoul have announced that they will be releasing a mini-album, Dunks (a title inspired by a particularly histrionic slam dunk VHS compilation the band had) in January next year on Speak N Spell. They’ve also just leaked a song, 3 Mark, you can listen to below the post here.

I’ve been a massive Ghoul fan ever since I first saw them back in 2008, and while excited about this mini-album, I’m sort of pissed they haven’t released a full album yet. Damn perfectionists, always taking their time to make something amazing.

Regardless of my fanboy ire though 3 Mark is fucking great. Don’t believe me, read PVT drummer, and all around cuddle bunny Laurence Pike’s far more eloquent praise of the band here

Speaking of the single vocalist and bear enthusiast Ivan Vizintin had this to say. “We were listening to a lot of dubstep tunes and fiddling around in Ableton, trying to emulate drum patterns that we had been hearing. The song took a huge left turn when we introduced the synth; everything just fell into place after that.”

With pretty much every critic, radio station and publication bending over backwards to slather the band in praise, Dunks look set to smash the glass.

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