Good Guys Metallica Replace Metallica Tribute Band’s Stolen Gear

Thrash titans Metallica have unexpectedly come to the aid of a tribute band who had their gear stolen.

Washington knockoff Blistered Earth were left with King Nothing after thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of their instruments, pedals and backline were snatched following a gig they played in Portland, Oregon.

In a desperate move, they turned to Facebook to list all the items they’d had jacked and appeal for help:

And after their tragic tale caught the attention of the local media, it somehow made it to the ears of Metallica themselves, who found it in their metal hearts to shout the tribute band a whole new guitarsenal.

“James [Hetfield] & the rest of the guys in Metallica (thanx guys) have seen fit to replace our equipment,” the band announced on Facebook, and a rep for the thrash titans has since confirmed the news.

“It’s pretty awesome that they would do that,” Blistered Earth drummer Shawn Murphy tells local metal rag MIRP411. “It is fairly well documented that they had all of their gear stolen way back in the day, back when they didn’t have money to replace their gear, so they have first hand knowledge of how shitty this feels.”

Guess we’ve found the hero of the day.

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