Gotye’s Next Album to be More Traditional

When speaking with NME, Gotye has expressed a desire to follow up the success of his third record Making Mirrors with a more traditional LP.

“I’d like to do a more traditional record, focusing more on chords and harmonies and things like that. I’d like to collaborate more with people and make more use of my band, rather than just me working on my own”, Gotye said.

When asked if he already had material for his next record and whether the success of Making Mirrors would mean a greater recording budget, Gotye replied:

“I work in stages, I usually need to withdraw for a while and experiment with things before my better ideas start floating to the top. I have a lot of unfinished things and demos from the last record, but I usually like to start afresh when I make a new record, so going by my previous track record, a couple of years wouldn’t be out of the question.”

“It’ll [the recording budget] be driven by the music, that’s all. The success of this album means I might allow myself a bigger budget, but I don’t think more money would be a big benefit to my music”, he said.

And as for possible producers…

“There’s a guy called Tony Maserati, who I’m a big fan of, I’d like to work with him. There’s also Damian Taylor, who I’m a big admirer of, he’s doing The Killers right now and I think we’d work really well”, Gotye stated.

Gotye has recently admitted that he is starting to get sick of his number one song Somebody That I Used to Know, and i’m sure we’re all ready to see his next release too.

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