Grant Hart (Husker Du / Nova Mob) Australian Tour – February 2010

American punk icon, Hüsker Dü’s Grant Hart is set to tour Australia for the first time this February playing songs from his extensive career, including takes off his exceptional new album “Hot Wax”.

Grant Hart was one third of the legendary Minneapolis trio Hüsker Dü – widely hailed as one of the most important and influential US bands of the 1980s – and one half of the band’s crucial songwriting team (the other half being Bob Mould).

Recording for the legendary SST label, Hüsker Dü emerged from the burgeoning US underground hardcore scene at the dawn of the 1980s. As a truly ferocious musical unit Hüsker Dü garnered wide respect for their incessant touring and inventive, emotionally charged songwriting, which broke the mould of the then prevalent loud/fast/rules ethos of the punk scene. Grant Hart’s firm stamp on the music of post-punk America is assured.

Following Hüsker Dü’s break up in 1987 Grant Hart has continued to pursue his musical and artistic vision. His records have been eclectic, subtle, thematic affairs. “Intolerance” from 1989 is widely recognised as a modern classic. Constant label problems have kept some of his finest work from wider availability and acclaim but Hart has emerged with his first record in ten years, the stunning “Hot Wax”.

“Hot Wax” was recorded largely as a one-man affair in Montreal and Minneapolis studios and features guests including members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Silver Mt. Zion and Rank Strangers. Grant Hart has created an organic rock album using classic tools to make modern art, creating psychedelic pop/rock soundscapes loaded with strong melodies, vintage instrumentation and a style that he admittedly owes in parts to his devotion for his friend Patti Smith.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Grant Hart – acclaimed visual artist, singer, songwriter and punk icon – play exclusive solo shows in Australia this February 2010.

Wed 10 Feb – The Troubadour, Brisbane

Tickets $33 + bf

Thu 11 Feb – The Annandale, Sydney

Tickets $33 + bf 9550 1078, 1300 762 545

Fri 12 Feb – Norfolk Basement, Fremantle

Tickets $33 + bf, Mills Fremantle & Planet Mt Lawley

Sat 13 & Sun 14 Feb – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Tickets $33 + bf & NSC box office 9486 1677

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