Grimes Says AI Is The Fastest Path To Communism In Wild New Video

In very Grimes news, the alt-pop star has shared a wild new video via TikTok suggesting that artificial intelligence may be the “fastest path” to communism.

Yup, Grimes, partner to the richest man in the world is appealing to communists.

“I have a proposition for the communists,” the TikTok begins.

“So typically, most of the communists I know are not big fans of AI. But! If you think about it, AI is actually the fastest path to communism.”

“If implemented correctly, AI could actually theoretically solve for abundance,” she continues.

“Like, we could totally get to a situation where nobody has to work. Everybody is provided for by a comfortable state of being.

“AI could automate all the farming and weed out all the corruption, thereby bringing us to — as close as possible to genuine equality.

“So, basically, everything everybody loves about communism, but without the collective farm.

“Cause let’s be real, enforced farming is really not a vibe,” concludes Grimes.

Of course, people have questions.

What sort of AI is Grimes proposing will end corruption? Does Grimes know what communism is? And are any communists actually friends with billionaires?

Twitter has thoughts…

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