Grimes and Elon Musk
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Grimes Wants Fans to Stop “Harassing” Her on TikTok Over Elon Musk

Grimes has asked fans to stop “harassing” her on TikTok over “fake news”, adding that she is “not [her] bf’s spokesperson” in a new post. In a video posted to the social media platform over the weekend, the electronic musician can be seen petting a robot dog while riffing on TikTok’s “Is he hot or…” phenomenon.

In the clip, she rattles off a list of partner Elon Musk’s ostensible future achievements in the world of tech, the environment and space travel. Some examples include “Is he hot or is he out to destroy big oil,” “Is he hot or will he put the first human on Mars.”

As you might imagine, the post’s comments section is filled with users who aren’t quite won over by Grimes’ defence of her billionaire boyfriend and father of her child, X Æ A-12. In recent years, the Tesla CEO has been criticised for everything from alleged labour rights and environmental violations, to his role in perpetuating gross wealth disparity, to his plans to colonise another planet rather than address the enormous inequalities on this one.

“Is he hot or is he a textbook neo-colonialist?” one asked. “Hey can you tell your lil bf to like end climate change or world hunger or something idk,” wrote another. You can watch Grimes’ video below.


@grimesStop harassing me on this app over fake news and I am not my bf’s spokesperson♬ Pretty young twearkalator – ✨yUh✨

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