The Guitar Kurt Cobain Played & Smashed On Nirvana’s Final Tour Is Being Auctioned Off

A black and white Fender Stratocaster used in the last ever Nirvana tour has been listed for auction by a die-hard fan.

The lefty electric was never actually destined to be played by Kurt Cobain, but was in fact “shipped by Fender specifically for the end-of-set jamming and destruction, as they were cheap and they were scared he would otherwise smash his new Mustangs,” the seller explains.

Kurt Cobain Fender Strat

Although the strat was originally doomed to be theatrically destroyed at the end of the show, the one pictured above was reconstructed after it was smashed and put into the lucky hands of a fan at the February 16th 1994 show in France. The fan has now posted the guitar on the Cooper Owen auction house, with a starting bid of no less than £34,000, or AU$62,516. It’s expected to greatly exceed a minimum of US$140,000, so almost AU$180,000.

The guitar, pre-repaired

And considering a fan recently spent $137,500 on his iconic green cardigan worn on MTV in 1993, is it really that much of a surprise?

Check out Kurt Cobain smashing guitars below.

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