Hardcore Superstar Threaten To Cancel Soundwave

Swedish hard rock outfit Hardcore Superstar have threatened to be the latest act to pull out of Soundwave 2014, with promoter AJ Maddah taking to – you guessed it – Twitter to claim that the band have demanded a later time slot.

Maddah tweeted “So Hardcore Superstar have just threatened to cancel if they don’t get a late spot. Being Superstars and all that.” The band are scheduled to open stage 6a on all stops of the tour with an 11:30am set in the revised timetable, although they were previously slated to play at 4pm.

With Soundwave kicking off this Saturday in Brisbane, the outfit would surely be impossible to replace, although the band are yet to publicly respond to Maddah’s allegations.

Soundwave 2014 has been plagued by cancellations, with Conor Oberst‘s Desaparecidos project pulling the pin last night, Tennessee’s Whitechapel cancelling due to the death of a family member yesterday, and the highly publicised jump-ship by Megadeth after frontman Dave Mustaine butted heads with Maddah online.

Stone Temple Pilots and Sevendust have also pulled out of the festival favourite, citing “scheduling conflicts” and “issues out of our control” respectively, although the later were later revealed to have disputed money with Maddah.

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