Harry Styles Might Die In New Film ‘Dunkirk’, And Fans Are Freaking Out

Say what you will about One Direction, but there’s no denying the feverish devotion they inspire in their fans. Their followers are devoted enough, in fact, to be thrown into legitimate panic mode when they feel as though one of their heroes is in danger — even if the danger is totally fictionalised.

Take, for example, the furor that has broken out across social media following the release of the brand spankin’ new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk. Response to the trailer has been less about how bloody impressive it looks (seriously, it’s almost teeth-grindingly intense) and more about a short scene in which it looks like Harry Styles, who plays a yet-to-be disclosed role in the film, is drowning.

Dunkirk Trailer / Youtube

As many have already pointed out, it doesn’t mean that Styles will actually die in the film: after all, it would be odd if the trailer gave away such a (presumably) crucial plot point. But he sure looks like he will encounter a considerable amount of danger during the course of the flick. Which, given the film is about, uh, war, one might have guessed.

But anyway. All the mortal peril Styles faces in the clip has his fans concerned, with many taking to Twitter to express their anxieties.

Here’s to hoping Hazza makes it out okay.

Watch: ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer

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