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Actor Chloé Hayden Calls Out Marvel Stadium for “Ableism and Discrimination” After Harry Styles Concert

Heartbreak High actor Chloé Hayden has accused Marvel Stadium of ableism and discrimination following a number of incidents during Harry Styles’ shows over the weekend. In written posts across Instagram and Twitter, Hayden said she’d received numerous messages from people who were “denied access and support” from staff when trying to access the stadium’s sensory room. Hayden, who is autistic, said she was also denied entry.

“Hey Marvel Stadium reminder that you can not preach inclusivity and then not let me into the sensory room because you took one look at me and decided I don’t look autistic enough to access it lmao,” she wrote on Twitter.

Hayden claims Marvel Stadium staff demanded people “show diagnostic papers”

“Demanding diagnostic papers to access sensory rooms and sensory packs, fat shaming disabled people, refusing to accommodate wheelchair access and laughing at autistic people who are in melt down is complete and utter bullshit,” Hayden wrote in a follow-up post. “This isn’t about inclusion, this is about human decency.”

The actor and author went on to note that Marvel’s sensory room has a capacity of only 12 people despite the stadium capacity being more than 50,000. “This is not inclusion. This is using disabled issues to tick a box,” she wrote.

“I am goddamn tired,” Hayden continued on Instagram. “Accessing public spaces should not be a matter of ‘am I going to miss out, or risk being abused?’ I promise you I am doing everything in my power to fight this.”

A spokesperson for Marvel Stadium, Jay Allen, told the ABC he was “extremely disappointed” to hear of the difficulties. “Staff immediately made contact and have organised a time to openly discuss and better understand what happened so we can rectify it and make any appropriate changes to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” he said.

According to Hayden, Marvel Stadium reached out to organise a meeting, which was scheduled to take place yesterday.

In addition to playing Quinni in Netflix’s hit reboot of ’90s teen drama Heartbreak High, Hayden published the book Different, Not Less in 2022. The book’s subtitle reads, “A neurodivergent’s guide to embracing your true self and finding your happily ever after.”

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