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Hear These Aussie Musos’ Pop-Punk Rendition Of The Simpsons’ Classic ‘Canyonero’

The Perth dude who’s been dedicating the past year of his life turning classic Simpsons tunes into pop-punk bangers has returned with a whip-cracking new ode to the Cadillac of automobiles!

The latest Springfield ditty to get Dan Cribb‘s Worst. Tribute. Ever treatment is S09E15’s sports utility vehicle jingle ‘Canyonero’, which FYI was originally performed by country legend Hank Williams Jr.

Cribb has recruited a couple of other Aussie musos to help him with the task of pop-punk-pimping out the Canyonero jingle, with Adelaide singer-songwriter Bec Stevens and Cribb’s m8 Jackson Grealy lending their vocals to the steak-sizzling hymn to 65 tonnes of American Pride!

Their collab marks the Simpsons super-fan’s 13th pop-punk tribute to the beloved series, following such high-paced bar-chord bangers as ‘The Garbage Man Can’ featuring Jen from Ball Park Music, ‘Baby On Board’, ‘Oh, Streetcar!’ ‘Dr. Zaius/Chimpan-A To Chimpan-Z’ featuring Grenadiers’ Jesse Coulter, ‘Flaming Moes’ featuring Alex Lahey, the ‘Scorpio’ theme featuring Luca Brasi’s Tyler Richardson, ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ featuring Jeremy Neale, ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ featuring Polish Club and more.

Give ‘Canyonero’ a stream below, and remember, the Federal Highway Commission has ruled the Canyonero unsafe for both highway and city driving.

Conyoneroooooo-whoaaaaaaaaa!!!! *whip cracks*

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