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Hear Banging Remixes Of Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ By Chromeo, Montell2099 & Sachi

Lorde‘s comeback single ‘Green Light’ has already been one of the biggest singles of the year, and as she gears up to release her release her new album Melodrama we’ve now been blessed with some awesome remixes of ‘Green Light’.

Being called on to remix a Lorde tune is a massive honour, and as Canadian funk lords Chromeo revealed on Facebook it was in fact Lorde who reached out to them because she was a fan of their 2014 single ‘Old 45’s and of course they were more than happy to oblige.

In what is amazingly the first remix that they’ve done since 2012, the duo have added some polished bass-driven funk vibes – as well as a bit of trademark use of vocoder, whilst staying true to Lorde’s original pop sensibilities.

The other remix that has emerged has been done by Lorde’s New Zealand compatriot producers Montell2099 and Sachi, who’ve gone way off the original script and crafted a dark, wonky banger.

Lorde also teased earlier this year that she’s going to be touring Australia soon, but as yet has only announced a one-off show. So Lorde; we’re ready when you are!

Lorde’s new album Melodrama is due out June 16th. Check out both new remixes below.

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