Seal Dissed Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ & Her Fans Are Pissed

Seal has learnt the hard way never to take the Lorde‘s name in vain.

The Voice Australia judge has just incurred the mass wrath of Lorde fans after he dared to diss the kiwi alt-pop kween on Nine’s tele show.

It came after contestant Sarah Stone performed a rendition of Her Lordeship’s smash ‘Green Light’ on the nationally televised karaoke comp, and host Sonia Kruger proceeded to quiz him: “After that performance, is Sarah looking like the strongest female voice in the competition?”

“The strongest female voice in the competition? No,” Seal replied, directing his feedback at the contestant. “Look, Sarah, I really like you — I’ve told you that off set. I think you made the most of a not particularly good song. I’m not a big fan. I couldn’t sing that song because it wouldn’t inspire me, but I thought you did great.”

Fellow panelist Boy George then shot back: “Well she sang it better than Seal!”

…which gave the ‘Kiss From A Rose’ singer the ~green light~ to step on his shade accelerator, saying, “Perhaps, because Seal doesn’t sing bad songs.”

Needless to say, the wrath of the Lorde fanship has been swift and terrible:

It also prompted Boy George to label Seal “bitchy” #reowwwwww

But perhaps the most startling revelation to come out of all this ~Melodrama~ is that some people are still tuning into The Voice Australia.

kanye shrug gif

And speaking of Melodrama, in other news, Lorde’s new album has just hit #1 on the ARIA charts.

Take that, Seal.

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