Hear Faith No More’s New ‘Sol Invictus’ Single ‘Superhero’

Soundwave 2015 headliners Faith No More have finally shared their track Superhero, another cut taken from Sol Invictus, their first album in 18 years.

The track, which the band actually debuted live in London in July 2014, was premiered on today. Bassist Bill Gould told the publishers the new track was conceived with its visual elements in mind.

“Actually this is kind of interesting because we’re probably a unique band in a way. While we write music we’re talking about chord changes and different things like that. What we do is we describe scenes together, and we can visualise the scene and the music kind of comes,” he explained.

“We kind of make movie scenes for movies that don’t exist. Superhero was one of those where it was definitely a superhero comic, I mean that was just the vibe of the song, and when Mike came to me writing words about it, we were already calling it Superhero. So it’s kind of like in the DNA; it’s a comic strip.”

Superhero follows previous Sol Invictus singles Motherfucker and Cone of Shame.

The full new LP is due out on 15th May. Speaking to Music Feeds recently, the band said they didn’t have any intention initially to record an album when they reformed for shows back in 2009.

“There was just a conscientious decision at one point amongst us backstage that we didn’t want to do anymore shows just playing the old material,” said Roddy Bottum. “To make ourselves feel good we needed to make a record.”

“It wasn’t material we had sitting around from before, it was inspired by the moment,” he added.

According to the band, the new album is big, dramatic, self-contained and represents a maturity in their sound, representative of their years in the industry.

Listen to the new track below and stay tuned for our full video interview with Faith No More up soon on Music Feeds.

Listen: Faith No More – Superhero

Gallery: Faith No More @ Soundwave 2015, Melbourne / Photos by Brett Schewitz

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