Hear A Punk Cover Of The Simpsons’ ‘Talkin’ Softball’ Featuring Dan Cribb & Mark Stewart

Dan Cribb‘s Worst Tribute Ever project is the gift that just keeps on giving, with the Perth muso today unveiling a cover of the original track played during the credits of the classic 1992 Simpsons episode ‘Homer At The Bat’.

The episode features a stack of baseball legends, and forms an integral part of the iconic Simpsons cannon. It contains so many classic and memorable moments featuring its big-name guest stars, from Ken Griffey Jnr’s gigantism, Roger Clemens being hypnotised to think he’s a chicken, Don Mattingly’s sideburns (or not?) and of course, Mr Burns’ amazingly confusing coaching signals.

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It also saw the final credits song ‘Talkin’ Softball’ become a cult classic, parodying the original 1981 hit song ‘Talkin’ Baseball’ by legendary singer-songwriter Terry Cashman.

In true Simpsons style, the show’s producers managed to secure Cashman himself to perform the parody, which makes Cribb’s version a cover of a parody of the original.

Cribb is joined by Mark Stewart from Melbourne band Horsell Common for the cover. “I met Mark ten years ago when Horsell Common opened for Gyroscope in Perth and their energy just blew me away, which is exactly what this version of ‘Talkin’ Softball’ needed,” says Cribb of the collaboration.

“It has a big chorus and his voice gives it some extra punch.”

The latest edition to Cribb’s series comes after he recently tapped Novak from Polish Club to sing the ‘Union Strike Folk Song’ and Ecca Vandal to sing ‘Happy Birthday Lisa’ (originally recorded by Michael Jackson).

Check out Cribb and Mark Stewart’s version of ‘Talkin’ Softball’ below.

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