Hear Silverchair’s Daniel Johns & Sydney Muso Jake Meadows Team Up On This Smooth AF EP

After years and years of silence, Daniel Johns can hardly be kept down it seems. The Silverchair founder has appeared in yet another recent collaboration this year, teaming up with a rising instrumentalist Jake Meadows for a forthcoming EP.

Officially released tomorrow, Meadows explained that Good Company began to take shape while he was in Ibiza. Upon returning, he showed the tracks to Johns, a long-time friend, with the iconic Australian musician jumping at the opportunity to collab on the EP and also produce the release.

“Daniel and I have been friends for years and he’s always helped me find inspiration. We’ve always worked well together, on different projects, and this collaboration happened really organically. I showed him the tracks I had been working on for the EP, and he offered to produce and be a part of the project, and we just went for it.”

You may have already heard some of the EP already, with the first single Echo Of Tomorrow (Ft. Daniel Johns) dropping a couple of months ago. This came after Johns’ earlier collaboration with Perth’s Slumberjack, another wth ZHU and Vancouver Sleep Clinic, as well as his own collaboration with well, himself, for his solo EP last year.

Watch the video for Echo Of Tomorrow and stream the whole EP via Spotify here below, prior to its official release tomorrow.

WATCH: Jake Meadows – Echo of Tomorrow (ft. Daniel Johns)

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