Photo: Neal Walters

Hear Tonight Alive’s Surprise Cover Of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’

Aussie rockers Tonight Alive have shared a cover of Coldplay‘s massive Y2K hit ‘Yellow’.

Appearing on BBC Radio 1, the band performed their original songs ‘Disappear’ and ‘Temple’, before launching into their version of ‘Yellow’, which stayed pretty true to the original recording.

Speaking about the cover, frontwoman Jenna McDougall explained:

“Yellow is the theme of our record Underworld. It’s a colour that we and our fans are resonating with right now.

“It’s the colour of the solar plexus chakra, which is where the personal power comes from. It’s where the soul resides, and for me I’m using yellow as a colour to wear and adorn my face with to sort of enhance that frequency in my life of self-assurance, and sort of confidence, expression, authenticity, transparency, things like that.”

Listen to Tonight Alive’s cover of ‘Yellow’ below, at the 16:00 mark.

The band will return to Australia later this year, ahead of a national tour in support of Underworld.

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