Hellions’ Lead Guitarist, Matt Gravolin, Announces He’s Leaving The Band

Some sad news for Hellions fans today, as the band has announced that founding member and lead guitarist Matthew “Wob” Gravolin is departing the band.

In a lengthy statement posted to Facebook, the band said that Matt is a lifelong friend and integral part of Hellions, but he thinks it’s time for him to step away.

“Our life-long friend and absolute integral member of the spirit of everything Hellions, Matt aka ‘Wob’, has decided that it is time for him to step away from Hellions,” the statement reads.

The band states that Matt is departing the band due to new focus on other new musical projects and his personal life.

“Matt is a core Hellion and co-founding member of the band and although we wish him the absolute best and ultimate success, he will be greatly missed on the road,” the statement reads.

“He wants to focus on other musical projects, and most importantly, growing aspects of his personal life. We hope to still collaborate with Matt in the future on writing and making music, however he will no longer be touring with the band.”

It’s not all bad, though. Matt will be still be with the band on their upcoming tour so fans will get to say farewell to the guitarist.

Read the band’s full statement below.

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