Here Are The Songs That Define Your City, Courtesy Of Spotify

Allow Spotify to sing you the song of your people. Right now in Sydney, that would be something by Golden Features. In North Melbourne, Brunswick to be specific, they’d be pinching from Hermitude‘s catalogue. While in Adelaide, Hobart or Perth, it’d be all about Drapht. That Drapht is so hot right now.

How do we know? Because the streaming giant has just unveiled a new musical map of the world, a sonic atlas if you will, which features over 1,000 playlists specific to over 1,000 individual cities across the globe, reflecting each one’s unique musical tastes.

Yes, music and geography have been smashed together into this nifty new app, which claims to sum up your stomping ground through song, based on the tunes that you and all of your city’s inhabitants have been jamming on recently.

According to a press release, each playlist is curated based on music that is “distinctive” to each area – meaning songs that are listened-to frequently in, say, Brunswick, that aren’t listened-to frequently in other parts of the world.

Musical Map: Cities of the World also automatically updates every two weeks, after analysing nearly 20 billion tracks that Spotify users have listened to, thus allowing listeners to “musically travel the globe and to stay on the pulse of each city’s unique music scene”.

Have a gander at the musical map, and check out which songs are currently trending in your nearest big smoke, below.

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