Here’s A Documentary About The Day Dave Matthews Band Dumped Their Poo On People

On this day 11 years ago US rockers Dave Matthews Band dumped 800 pounds of poo-infested sewage from their tour bus into a Chicago river – an act which they surely would’ve thought would go unnoticed.

That day, however, an architectural tour boat was passing under the Kinzie Street bridge and those on board copped a pretty unexpected shower of Dave Matthews Band’s poo.

Dubbed “poogate”, Dave Matthews Band refunded the $25 boat ticket to those on board the tour but as is evident in a documentary put together by Consequence Of Sound, they haven’t really forgotten.

In memory of the 11 year anniversary of “poogate”, CoS went out onto the streets and spoke to those who were rocked by the event and still dealing with the horrors of being showered by Dave Matthews Band’s excretions.

A number of “victims” spoke to them and although we’re pretty certain they’re full of shit, hilarity ensues as they recount their experience.

“You know how people say they’ve been in a shitstorm? This was actually a shitstorm,” one of the victims, Elizabeth Kirkwood says.

“It was a poop massacre, there were no survivors.”

“If I were to get pooped on by one musical artist from the 1990s, I would probably have to pick Dave Matthews,” adds another glass-half-full kind of guy. “It would probably be a toss up between them and Linkin Park.

Take a moment out of your day today to spare a thought by those affected by poogate. #Neverforget.

Watch: The Day Dave Matthews Band Pooped On Chicago: A Documentary

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