Here’s A Video Of Heartthrob Ewan McGregor Singing Catfish And The Bottlemen’s ‘Hourglass’

Earlier this year, the charming heartthrob of a human being that is Ewan McGregor starred in an off-kilter new music video from Splendour act Catfish and the Bottlemen, where he played vocalist Van McCann’s drunk muso neighbour who writes the song Hourglass in one sitting, with a little help from old mate whiskey.

The clip struck hearts as a highly entertaining affair, no doubt bolstered by Obi-Wan Kenobi’s proven acting chops and, did I mention his heartthrob attributes? BE SINGLE EWAN GOD DAMNIT!

Anyway, now the band have shared a full-length video of my boyfriend Ewan McGregor covering the entire song, adorable stumbles and all, which you, can and must, watch below.

If you’re after a little background into the story of this seemingly unlikely collab, apparently, McCann is kind of a McGregor fangirl – welcome – who baited the actor with some savvy tactics until he agreed to come on board.

After making the lyric video to his band’s previous single Kathleen using Ewan McGregor film clips, he then produced a “10 Reasons Why I Love Ewan McGregor” video – an idea I am kicking myself for not coming up with first.

The band even added McGregor’s face to their drum skin and toured with it. Eventually Ewan relented and took them all out for breakfast, (GOALS), and has since gone to their gigs, jammed with them, starred in one of their delightful music videos and now covered one of their songs.

“When people tell you not to meet the people you look up to, FUCK THATTTTTTTTT!” said a wise Van McCann said of teaming up with McGregor. “He genuinely buzzes off the band. Sends me photos of him listening to us before he walks onstage on his endless run of sold out broadway. AND HE LIKES MY LYRICS! Honestly, I love him. It all makes me laugh my head off!”

Now we just need to get Ewan to make a cameo with Catfish and The Bottlemen at Splendour. The stuff dreams are made of.

Watch: Catfish And The Bottlemen – Hourglass – Ewan McGregor Cover Version

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