Here’s How Men & Women Voted Differently In The Hottest 100

With triple j‘s Hottest 100 of 2016 done and dusted, inevitably pub chat will begin to turn to the who big winners and losers were, who should have won and why they didn’t, and who should’ve been higher.

One of the most interesting statistics each year is how the votes of Australia’s men and women contrasted, and now triple j have released some interesting statistics showing that preferences didn’t differ as much as you might have expected.

At the end of the Hottest 100 day, the station put out some stats about voting via a video infographic that showed that out of 2.2 million votes, 47% of voters were females while 51% were male; a pretty even split (with 2% answering other and 1% giving no answer).

Looking now at the top 20 votes for men and women, both genders unequivocally elected Flume‘s Never Be Like You as their favourite song of 2016. The rest of the top 10 for both males and females was pretty similar overally, with Amy Shark, Tash Sultana, Illy, Childish Gambino and Hilltop Hoods making both top 10 lists.

DMA’s ‘Believe’ cover only made the blokes’ top 10, while Kanye West, Big Scary and The Smith Street Band made it into the guys’ top 20 but not into the ladies’ list. Cub Sport, The XX and Catfish And The Bottlemen were on the flip side of the scale, making it onto the top 20 list for women but not for men.

triple j also put together some stats about how songs rated for the 16-25 age bracket compared with 25+ and found that Mura Masa, Kanye West and Sticky Fingers, as well as DMA’s ‘Believe’ (whaaaat?) were more popular among the younger voters. The XX, The Avalanches and A.B Original gained significantly more votes from the 25+ age bracket.

Check out some of the comparative tables, below.

Men Vs Women (Click To Enlarge)

Women Men

16-25 vs 25+ (Click To Enlarge)

Under and over 25

Watch: triple j’s Hottest 100 2016 In Numbers

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