“I Fear For My Own Life” Mother Of Slain Rapper Publicly Accuses Chief Keef

The gangster mentality has well and truly infiltrated the next wave of American hip hop talent. Only a teenager, rising star Chief Keef‘s career has already hit a snag after he was suspected of murdering fellow rising star Lil JoJo earlier in the year. Not letting the issue rest, the deceased’s mother has publicly spoken on the incident.

In an interview with BET, Robin Russel has very publicly outed Keef as her son’s murderer. Though Russel admits that he may not have been the one to pull the trigger, the grieving mother is convinced that Keef masterminded the plot. “Chief Keef [is responsible]… I don’t believe him, himself pulled the trigger but I believe he paid somebody to do it,” Russel stated.

Keef didn’t help the issue when he mocked Lil JoJo in a tweet shortly after his death. There had been alleged underlying gang issues between the two, who belonged to separate crews from the same area.

Lil JoJo died early September. His mother has continued to push for public attention, fearing that her son’s death goes unnoticed and unresolved: “I would like justice to come from this and to show kids it’s a better way to get an education”.

Russel added, “yes, I fear for my own life.”

The case continues, as “[Police] have a couple leads, they’re still working on it”, though so far, there is nothing concrete.

Chief Keef’s big break came when his track was featured on Kanye’s latest G.O.O.D Music Compilation Cruel Summer, though according to Keef, that has nothing to do with his success. Yeah right.

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