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Image for Listen: Chief Keef Releases ‘Jet Li’ Snippet – Jail Clearly Fucked With Him

Listen: Chief Keef Releases ‘Jet Li’ Snippet – Jail Clearly Fucked With Him

Written by Mike Hohnen on March 20, 2013

Now he’s returned from Rap Finishing School (also known as “juvey”), Chief Keef has headed straight into the studio but, judging by this snippet of his upcoming track Jet Li, Keefy maybe should have taken a bit more downtime to process his experience.

The below track is reminiscent of someone who’s totally lost the plot while stuck in a cell for 80% of their day. (Note: I know this because I’ve seen Oz. I served every day of Beecher’s sentence with him. Every damn day.) The track is a whole heap of different things but somehow builds up to nothing. Though the beat is sick, the lyrics are autotuned and almost impossible to make out. “If she don’t do me / I kick that bitch like Bruce Lee“. Uh, what?

Picked by many as a rising prodigy of hip hop, Keef’s career hit a big snag when he was locked up for having violated the terms of his parole. This does beg the next question of why he didn’t use all that free time to make some good music like, I dunno, Biggie Smalls.

Keef became internationally recognised after Kanye West sampled his track Don’t Like on his Cruel Summer compilation, though Keef didn’t actually feature on the song.

Listen to the snippet below. The shank or be shanked lifestyle really seems to have taken its toll.

Listen: Chief Keef – Jet Li

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