Iggy Pop, Violent Femmes & More Mourn Passing Of Stooges Saxophonist Steve Mackay

In sad news, Steve Mackay, the saxophonist who played on Fun House, the seminal 1970 album by The Stooges, and a longtime touring member of the group died recently at 66, following a month-long fight with sepsis. Responding with an outpouring of sentiment, the music industry has taken to social media today to mourn his passing.

The Stooges frontman Iggy Pop was full of nostalgia for his lost friend. In a message posted to his Twitter Iggy wrote that, “Steve was a classic ’60s American guy, full of generosity and love for anyone he met,” adding that, “every time he put his sax to his lips and honked, he lightened my road and brightened the whole world. He was a credit to his group and his generation. To know him was to love him.”

Iggy wasn’t alone in his mourning, as other industry figures who knew or had worked with Mackay are also using social media to pass on messages of love and remembrance. Some were short and sweet, such as Creation Records‘ post which quoted I Wanna Be Your Dog with “Now I’m ready to close my eyes, Now I’m ready to close my mind, Now I’m ready to feel your hand” …RIP Steve Mackay” and ending with this video

Others chose a longer format to pay tribute. Namely Brian Ritchie of Violent Femmes. Posting to the band’s Facebook page, Ritchie told of first meeting and playing with Mackay in 1983 after a friend recommended him to them. “We thought if Steve played with the Stooges he’d fit in with us and he did-like a glove,” Ritchie wrote.

Going on to tell of their times spent together touring with the Femmes – “In the early days when we still shared rooms, Steve was my roommate” – Ritchie pays tribute to the late player, ending the message with, “I’m proud to have known Steve and humbled to have been able to share the stage with him hundreds of times over the years. He always surprised us”

You can read the full messages, below.

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Steve Mackay was a good friend and great musician. Photographer Charles Behnke told Violent Femmes to give him a call…

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