Is Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Coming Out In November Now?

UPDATE 19/06/16: Frank Ocean has released a visual album called Endless.

UPDATE 19/08/16: Frank Ocean is playing new music on the live stream.

ORIGINAL STORY: Frank Ocean‘s long-awaited new album Boys Don’t Cry still hasn’t hit our ears, and the internet is now considering that the singer-songwriter might actually be dropping his new record in November, a date mentioned on the mock “library card” Ocean shared last month.

Boys Don’t Cry was originally thought to be arriving in July, but that didn’t eventuate and the album’s release was later reported to be coming exclusively to Apple Music on Friday, 5th August. That didn’t happen either, and it’s left fans in a pretty desperate state, but there’s still a chance the album could arrive in November, because there’s only one possible date remaining on that “library card”, and it’s Sunday, 13th November.

Here’s the original “library card”, taken from Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry website:

(Click to expand) / Source: Frank Ocean

While 13th November is the only forthcoming date to feature on Ocean’s “library card”, we wouldn’t be surprised if he dropped Boys Don’t Cry whenever he damn-well feels like it, which could be tomorrow, or even, well, November.

As fans continue to wait for the album to arrive, alleged images from Ocean’s accompanying Boys Don’t Cry zine have supposedly leaked on a Frank Ocean fan page — here are those unconfirmed images:

Boys Don’t Cry‘s tracklist reportedly leaked earlier this week as well, and it references supposed collaborations with the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and Outkast’s Andre 3000.

Before the leak, Ocean reappeared on his Boys Don’t Cry live stream on Apple Music, where he continued to build and paint what appears to be a set of wooden stairs. At the time of writing, the live stream shows an empty warehouse, with some of Ocean’s wooden creations stacked in the middle of the room.

While we wait for Boys Don’t Cry to arrive, relive all the pain of the album’s unfulfilled promises below, and stay strong.

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