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Is Your Favourite Band Actually An Emo Band? This Website Knows

Do you lay awake at night, plagued by the question of what if? Do you switch your Spotify playlist to ‘private’ just in case? Do you shy away from wearing your favourite band T-shirt in full view of the general public because you’re just not sure? Well, friend, brush that neon pink-streaked fringe out of your eyes and keep your hands away from sharp objects, because here is the answer.

A new website, entitled Is This Band Emo? allows users to search for their favourite band to determine their ultimate emo credentials, once and for all.

For instance, if one was to type ‘My Chemical Romance‘ into the search bar, the site would (with Maury Povich-like intensity) deliver the verdict, “My Chemical Romance Is Not An Emo Band”. Phew, that was a close one. Guess you won’t be needing that Shawn Crahan clown mask in the Gerard Way moshpit at Soundwave after all. However, the site does offer the additional advice, “Eyeliner is definitely not OK”. Noted.

The brainchild of the Washed Up Emo podcast, Is This Band Emo? doesn’t use any complex algorithms or Artificial Intelligence systems to determine its musical classifications. Instead, it’s fuelled by the professional analysis (and sense of humour) of the Washed Up’s delightful staffers, who have dubbed themselves ‘The Council’.

While the site doesn’t quite offer an exhaustive guide – with plenty of bands MIA from its search engine – it will no doubt provide an ample source of procrastination and perhaps a few laughs for curious music fans and reformed Emos alike.

Click here to check on the status of your favourite band. Fans of Blink-182’s self-titled record, take note.

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