Listen To Sydney Band Breakaway’s Huge Emo Anthem ‘I’m Feeling Dead’

Sydney scene favourites Breakaway have returned to soundtrack your lockdown with another lick of their forthcoming EP Death Valley, a stirring emo anthem dubbed ‘I’m Feeling Dead’.

With a sound that’s guaranteed to fill the My Chemical Romance-shaped hole in your heart, the track is described by vocalist Sam Biland as his favourite off the new record.

“’I’m Feeling Dead’ is… the song I’m most connected with, despite what initial reactions might be I wrote the vocals before COVID or the word lockdown was ever mentioned,” he explains.

“For me the song is a reflection on how I often feel when I’m on my own for extended periods of time or haven’t heard from a friend in a while. I always over think things and try to work out what I’ve done wrong even when there’s nothing wrong. I’m a pretty anxious person and sometimes it gets to me more than I want it to. I hope this song reaches the people who need to hear it, people like me that need to know they’re not the only ones who go through it.”

Take ‘Im Feeling Dead’ for a spin below, and keep an ear out for Breakaway’s Death Valley EP, dropping on Friday, September 24th.

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