Ivy League Records Celebrate 15 Years With Annandale Christmas Gig

The tale goes, that many centuries ago three best friends decided to establish a label, despite the poor cultural climate, in order to promote the best in Australian music. Fifteen years on, Ivy League Records still stands as one of the most respected and revered labels.

To celebrate this milestone, those same three friends are throwing us a little Christmas shindig, showcasing some of Australia’s funkiest talent. The director of Ivy League recalls the beginnings:

We started the label in a pokey office on King St, Newtown, across the road from the Marlborough Hotel. The rent was $50 per week and we shared one mobile phone between the three of us that was the size of a packet of scotch finger biscuits. We also shared the one email address and a thermal fax machine, which we bought from cash converters. Our concept was simple: To release and promote indie music we liked while our schtick (alongside our management business “Winterman & Goldstein”) was to pretend to be a faceless multinational music company. Thankfully, most people still get the joke. In reality we relied on two minute noodles, part time jobs, the dole, and the generosity of our girlfriends at the time to get us through the first 5 years.

They made it through thick and thin, and as a result have been a driving force that has produced the strong music scene that our country currently boasts. Having represented the likes of The Vines, Josh Pyke, Cloud Control, The Rubens, Alpine, Sparkadia and stacks more, their contribution to Australia’s culture has not gone unnoticed. So to celebrate this contribution, clear the schedule and head down to the Annandale Hotel come 12th December to celebrate both Christmas and the wonders of music.


Featuring The Mess Hall, The Rubens, Lanie Lane, Alpine, SURES

w/ special guest Toby ‘The Ivy Jukebox’ Martin

+ Catcall DJ, Deep Sea Arcade DJs and The Ivy League ‘Money Making Machine’ DJs


Annandale Hotel, Sydney

Tickets on sale Monday, 5th November

$20 from

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