Jack White Attended A Baseball Game, Left To Play A Show, Then Returned To The Same Game Afterwards

It’s well-known that Jack White is a big baseball fan. He’s a regular fixture at games, threw out the first pitch at a Tigers game a few years ago, and his gloomy demeanour at shows has spawned the #SadJackWhite meme. So, it’s no surprise that while recently stopped in Washington D.C. in the middle of a Raconteurs tour, he took in the Nationals-Brewers game at Nationals Park.

What is wild, however, is that he managed to squeeze an entire bloody show in the middle. White and the rest of the band left the game after three innings to go play the set at nearby venue The Anthem, returning to their seats afterwards to catch the 13th.

This was really only possible due to pitchers Sean Doolittle and Josh Hader both blowing ninth-inning saves, meaning the game continued for five bonus innings, allowing the band to return and catch the game’s end.

Legit. How exactly White and co. were able to return are not entirely clear. As Deadspin points out, the park’s information guide states re-entry is only permitted in the case of emergency, but it’s possible that being a famous rock musician possibly means you get to bend the rules about those kind of things a little.

Either way, the whole situation is proof that perhaps no one loves anything on this earth quite like Jack White loves baseball.

You can watch footage of White at the game below. As you can see, he appears to be pretty cheery at the game; which is a nice change.

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