Jared Leto Sent ‘Suicide Squad’ Cast Anal Beads And Used Condoms, Taking Method Acting To A New Extreme

Jared Leto is gearing up to play The Joker, one of the most insane characters in cinema, in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and it seems he’s actually turning completely nuts in the process.

The 30 Seconds To Mars frontman and Oscar winner has been method acting like nobody has before, sending crazy gifts to his castmates including Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

Leto told E! that his latest gifts to them include anal beads and used condoms.

“I did a lot of things to create a dynamic, to create an element of surprise and spontaneity, and to really break down any kind of walls that may be there,” Leto said about the gifts which sound like more of an OHS issue than presents.

“The Joker is somebody who doesn’t really respect things like personal space or boundaries.”

These latest gifts follow news last year that he sent a live rat, a dead hog and some bullets to his castmates who have surely by now boarded up their letter boxes.

Unsurprisingly, his castmates have confirmed that Leto is in fact nuts, perhaps even moreso than The Joker himself.

“Jared went full Joker, and the rule generally is, never go full Joker,” Smith told E!.

He even managed to frighten our Margot Robbie who has already survived sharing a set with Harold from Neighbours in the past.

“I can’t even begin to tell you the weird things I got… There were many instances in which I didn’t know what to expect with Jared,” she said.

Meanwhile another castmate Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje confirmed he received “sticky Playboy magazines”.

For the first time ever aren’t you glad that you’re not on the set of a blockbuster movie?

Suicide Squad is scheduled to be out later this year.

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