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Jared Leto Talks Up Thirty Seconds To Mars’ “Very Sexual” New Album

Currently on the press rounds for Suicide Squad, the goddamn vampiricly beautiful Jared Leto has provided us with an update on his alter-ego as the front man of a hugely popular band. Thirty Seconds To Mars‘ fifth album is well on its way, he confirms, and this time things will be “very, very different.”

Leto tells NME the band have written 40-50 songs for the recently teased new record, which he reveals is getting “closer and closer to being finished,” though he laments on not being able to get it out quicker. Yeah, c’mon, Jared.

He explains the forthcoming record will be “very, very different” when held up to any of the band’s previous albums, adding that 2013’s Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams, “was maybe a bridge between where we were and where we are now,” describing it in three words as “sexual”, which he knows isn’t exactly three words.

As he slowly warms to the idea of being questioned by a mere mortal, Leto clears up any idea that the new album would be informed by his immersion into the “dark and twisted” world of DC’s demonic Joker. “I think I’ve had enough dark and twisted with 30 seconds to mars over the years, I don’t need any Joker input…We’re more in that aspirational, self-reflective period.”

That said, The Joker was apparently influenced by music. Not by Thirty Seconds To Mars, but rather the late David Bowie. Leto adds “not necessarily his music” but rather “his class, his elegance, his timelessness.”

Leto and the air of buzz that constantly surrounds his every move has only now officially penetrated the zeitgeist, receiving his very own Melbourne wall mural.

Watch: Jared Leto on Suicide Squad and forthcoming fifth album

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