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Jennifer Lopez Announces ‘This Is Me… Now’, First New Album In Nine Years

Nearly a decade since the release of her last studio album, pop legend Jennifer Lopez has announced the arrival of her ninth record, This Is Me… Now. The new album will land in 2023, with details of its exact release to be announced.

The 13-track record will be Lopez’s first full-length album since 2014’s A.K.A.. Lopez hasn’t strayed far from the music world since that time, releasing numerous standalone singles and working with Colombian musician Maluma on the soundtrack to 2022’s Marry Me, a film in which Lopez also starred.

Jennifer Lopez has announced her new album, This Is Me… Now

Lopez announced the forthcoming album on Friday, 25th November, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of her third studio album, This Is Me… Then. Lopez shared a video on social media that underlined the transformative nature of the album, and showed the artwork of the original record transforming into more recent photos.

This Is Me… Then was released during Lopez’s high-profile relationship with and engagement to Ben Affleck, and featured a track titled ‘Dear Ben’. 20 years later, and following their eventual marriage in July 2022, This Is Me… Now features a sequel to that song titled ‘Dear Ben Pt. II’.

Jennifer Lopez – This Is Me… Now

  1. ‘This Is Me… Now’
  2. ‘To Be Yours’
  3. ‘Mad In Love’
  4. ‘Can’t Get Enough’
  5. ‘Rebound’
  6. ‘not. going. anywhere.’
  7. ‘Dear Ben Pt. II’
  8. ‘Hummingbird’
  9. ‘Hearts And Flowers’
  10. ‘Broken Like Me’
  11. ‘This Time Around’
  12. ‘Midnight Trip To Vegas’
  13. ‘Greatest Love Story Never Told’

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