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Mabe Fratti Announces New Album ‘Sentir Que No Sabes’

The pop artist Mabe Fratti is all set to come up with a new album titled ‘Sentir Que No Sabes’. This marks her first solo album after 2022’s ‘Se Ve Desde Aquí’. The album is set to be released on Friday, 28th June, via Unheard of Hope. 

Mabe is going to release two songs from the album in advance titled “Pantalla azul” and “Kravitz” and also a music video for the track “Pantalla azul” which has been directed by Emanuel Juárez. 

Mabe Fratti Shares Her Statement On The Album Tracks ‘Pantalla Azul’ And ‘Kravitz’

Mabe Fratto about the song “Pantalla azul”. “This one was born out of me getting a Whammy and playing around with it. I came up with the riff and a melody that was inspired by ‘autotuned’ effects. Héctor pushed the track forward by creating the quantic jump toward the polyrhythmic section that transforms the song. The lyrics make a reference to the ‘stop’ blue on the screen on VHS or the blue screen of a PC when it breaks. Also to an appreciation to what’s unknown and mysterious, and being at peace with the shadow and the complexity of things.”

Mabe Fratti also said the following about the track “Kravitz” “It’s a song about the sensation of not knowing where the opinions come from and the chicken or egg question: do they come from outside? Do they come from inside? Also, who wants to listen to these opinions? Who listens to them?”

Tracklist ‘Sentir Que No Sabes’:

01 Kravitz

02 Pantalla azul

03 Elastica II

04 Oídos

05 Quieras o no

06 Enfrente

07 Elastica I

08 Márgen de índice

09 Alarmas olvidadas

10 Descrubimos un suspiro

11 Intento fallido

12 Kitana

Stream the released songs from here.

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