Image: Benjamin Rodgers

Watch Jimmy Barnes and Family Celebrate Our Paralympians with ‘We Are the Champions’

Jimmy Barnes has shared a new video that sees him and his family linking up remotely for a performance of Queen‘s classic ‘We Are the Champions’ in celebration of Australia’s Paralympians.

“This is a song for all of you guys, for every one of you Paralympians. Just incredible, and every single one of you are champions,” Barnes says when introducing the song. “It’s really just been wonderful to watch, and I hope you realise how much you’ve changed our lives.”

Led by Barnes’ grandson Leo on piano, it’s a full-on family affair, joined by his wife Jane and children like Mahalia Barnes and David Campbell. Watch it in full below via Barnes’ Facebook page.

Barnes has been no stranger to covering classic songs over the last couple of years, regularly using his social media accounts to share the renditions, which are also generally aided by members of his family.

In fact, it’s not even the first time Barnes has shouted out our Paralympians. Last week, he was joined by members of his family and guitarist Diesel for a cover of Rolling Stones’ ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ – also a tribute to late Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

Watch Barnes and his family perform ‘We Are the Champions’ below.

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