Jonathan Davis Misses Nu-Metal Era, Defends Electronic Music

Jonathan Davis sure would like it if you modern-day metal bands could all just be a tad nicer to each other and help each other out once in a while. Speaking recently to Metal Trails, the Korn frontman revealed that the ’90s metal scene was a much more brotherly place than that of today.

Indulging in nu-metal nostalgia, he said, “Back in the ’90s, the band camaraderie was all different. We were all brothers, pushing each other on. Stuff we did with Bizkit or Staind, those bands, it was a brotherhood and we helped these bands along. It seems like it’s kind of got lost these days.”

He also addressed the pomposity of today’s scene and the so-called “true metal” movement, which he says is youngsters trying to out-do each other: “You’re dealing with kids. Kids are kids and there’s always gonna be that friction. I just love all music and I’m not gonna hate on it. I don’t care who came first or what kind of metal is better than what kind of metal. We just get on with all the bands.”

Much has been written about Korn’s experimentation with electronic sounds, which prompted a reply to Status Quo frontman Francis Rossi‘s allegedly disparaging comments about electronic music, with Davis urging Rossi to “pick up a laptop and try to write an electronic song” himself.

“I’m not trying to talk down about the guy but I think he should pick up a laptop and try to write an electronic song. It takes so much talent and so much time to really do that stuff right. I’m glad electronic music came into the metal scene. It needed to be updated and I’m all for it,” he said.

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Photos by Liam Cameron

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